Drugs That Make You Horribly Ugly

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You may have heard of horror stories about how drugs affect your physical health and appearance. Some of this information may be somewhat familiar to you while some might still surprise you. The fact is, drugs take an extreme toll on your physical appearance. These are the three major drugs that make you unbearably ugly. These drugs look less and less appealing:


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If you smoke, you may already experience some of these consequences. It is extremely bad for your heart, brain, lungs, and even your sex life. Well, smoking does damage your looks, leaving noticeable wrinkles, black blemishes, gauntness, and gray blotches on the skin.

According to a Johns Hopkins study, smokers are restless, which leads to puffy or baggy eyes with dark circles under them. Smoking cigarettes makes you experience four times the amount of poor sleep compared to non-smokers. In addition, psoriasis, an inheritable autoimmune disorder, affects more smokers than non-smokers. The risk of having psoriasis doubles if you smoke a pack a day for 10 years or less cited by a 2007 study. A lot of people also see that smoking causes more wrinkles. Dermatologists agree that smoking accelerates the signs of aging to the point; nonsmokers often look younger than smokers.

Professionals think that, due to the toxic substances in cigarette smoke, hair follicles can actually be damaged, making your hair thinner and increasing the risk of hair loss.



Alcohol can cause broken capillaries, the body’s blood vessels that aid with circulation. This could irritate or enlarge the ones on the surface of your eyes, and cause a ‘bloodshot’ appearance. Also, this can turn into a serious eye problem and worst lead to permanent blindness.

It also affects the capillaries in other parts of the face, mainly the cheeks and nose, causing redness and spots. Alcohol also dilates those surrounding blood vessels and increases blood flow. It sometimes leaves permanently broken capillaries along the face, giving the rosy cheeks appearance.

Alcohol also dehydrates your hair. Dry hair means weak or brittle hair: making an alcoholic’s hair more prone to split ends. Excessive drinking can also cause a zinc deficiency in the body. This has been shown to cause hair loss. Don’t look like a mud duck, stop drinking in excess.



Snorting cocaine has a major-horrible-cosmetic consequence: it’s called the “cocaine nose job”. After repeated snorting cocaine, the drug causes a loss of blood supply to the septum (the thin dividing wall between your nostrils). When damaged, it will cause an erosion of the septum and then leave a gaping hole between the nostrils.

Crack causes users to have hallucinations and psychosis. Heavy cocaine users may experience the feeling of bugs called “cocaine bugs” crawling under the skin. They describe the sensation of cocaine bugs as biting, itching, or burning. This sensation causes the user to scratch until he or she bleeds.  A lot of cocaine users have scratches, sores, and scars as a result.

Cocaine also leads to extreme weight loss, you can also appear frighteningly large because of the swollen or bloating that cocaine occasionally causes.

Obviously, there are many other downsides to drug use other than what you typically hear. The fact is, drugs make you ugly. Be sure to take care of your health, not just for you but for your family as well.

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