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You may have heard of horror stories about how drugs affect your physical health and appearance. Some of this information may be somewhat familiar to you while some might still surprise you. The fact is, drugs take an extreme toll on your physical appearance. These are the three major drugs that make you unbearably ugly. […]


Identifying and treating alcohol or drug addiction early gives an individual a much better chance of being successful in their recovery from substance addiction. That means the sooner an alcoholic becomes aware of his alcoholism, the better. But a lot of alcoholics are not aware they even have a problem until it’s too late for […]


For some individuals, alcohol addiction is caused by feelings that one can’t deal with on his/her own. It might act naturally incurred by moments of disappointments and failure or it can be caused by other people.  Regardless of how negative feelings were made, alcohol rehab can be a spot where alcoholic dependent can reach an […]

Physical Effects of Marijuana

There are physical effects of marijuana, such as dry mouth, it is because of compounds that impede saliva production. Users also may experience heart rate increase because of the THC that is considered to be anxiety-producing and also chronic obstructive lung disease.


Car crashes are one of the leading causes of death and injury among teens and adult people, and alcohol and illicit substances, or some mishmash are often factored to those car crashes. Large statistics of US High and college students put themselves and others at great risk of harm by driving after a long drink […]